A 3rd generation proprietor of his family’s farm, Ben blends entrepreneurism, modern farming, creative design, and technology into his projects both on and off the farm.  Preferring an ATV ride to sitting in commuter traffic, Ben embodies the Litchfield County rural entrepreneur lifestyle.


A country girl who works at a city-girl’s pace, Sarah’s a born planner passionate about tackling big projects and improving experiences. Despite her title at any given moment, Sarah wears many hats. Her strengths in operations and communications have led her from television production to starting her own successful floral design business, and ultimately to help launch the events business at The White Barn at South Farms in 2015.


Former tank mechanic turned horticulturalist Nick is constantly planting, growing, fixing, mowing, towing, building and moving stuff around the homestead.


Corey is a renowned cow and tree whisperer. Surprisingly he can be quite chatty, but he needs a bit of warming up to make that happen. He’s typically up in a tree when not down on the farm.


The Farmer’s Wife (in a Green Acres sort of way), Stephanie traded Bloomingdales for sparse take-out options and helping reluctantly with farm chores. Today Steph coordinates the food and tunes for our “Thursdays on Farm” program and actively supports the farm’s dog community.


From ensuring that our guests enjoy a flawless experience, to building a roaring fire in the fire pit, and helping Ben and Sarah with their endless projects, an always well-caffeinated Justin helps us ‘make it happen’ as South Farms.


Doug grows hops – lots of it. His operation, Pioneer Hops of Connecticut is pioneering the production of hops for the craft brewery market in Connecticut. For more info, go to