Hops Production 1

Pioneer Hops grows and processes hops for the Connecticut craft brewers who are making exceptional, pioneering beer. We are planting Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Willamette and some experimental hops.

Our philosophy is simple: treat the hops like the tender flowers that they are and process them as gently as possible, retaining as much of the flavor and aroma essences as possible.

Doug Weber founded Pioneer Hops because he saw an imbalance between the world-class beers being brewed in Connecticut and the lack of Connecticut farms growing hops.

Nick Osborne, farm manager, simply loves hops. He has been growing hops and making beer for years.

As Connecticuters, Nick and Doug have great respect for the land that we are farming–and our neighbor’s land.

We’ve installed a water management system that collects water from the aquifer when it is plentiful and stores it until it is needed. This puts less stress on the aquifer during dry periods.

We are battling diseases and pests predominantly using the tools of nature. For instance, between the crop rows, we’ve planted Trifolium repens, Dutch White Clover, which attracts lady bugs. Aphids like to feed on the hops plant; Lady Bugs like to feed on aphids.

Hops Production 1

Brewers interested in talking to us about hops should reach out to Doug at:

203.952.8542 / deejaydubya@ct-hops.com.