South Farms’ approach and philosophy to producing the highest quality beef is similar to the wine industry – not all grapes produce the same wine, and not all cattle market the same quality of meat.  At South Farms we raise heritage breed grass-fed and finished Galloway cattle.

All Galloways have a thick double-layered coat that insulates their bodies so well that they have a very minimal outer layer of fat on their bodies. There area several varieties of Galloways, including Belted and White Galloways which comprise the majority of the herd at South Farms. South Farms cows eat South Farms grass and hay. In the summer, our cattle rotationally graze the pastures and in the winter consume quality hay produced from the homestead. South Farms beef is antibiotic-free and we treat our animals ethically and humanely.



South Farms offers top-quality square bale hay. Early season first cutting consists of mostly a timothy mix, and late season second offers a clover timothy mix. There is a preferred order of minimum of 50 bales.


Pioneer Hops grows and processes hops for the Connecticut craft brewers who are making exceptional, pioneering beer. We are planting Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Willamette and some experimental hops.  Our philosophy is simple: treat the hops like the tender flowers that they are and process them as gently as possible, retaining as much of the flavor and aroma essences as possible.

Doug Weber founded Pioneer Hops because he saw an imbalance between the world-class beers being brewed in Connecticut and the lack of Connecticut farms growing hops.  Nick Osborne, farm manager, simply loves hops. He has been growing hops and making beer for years.  As Connecticuters, Nick and Doug have great respect for the land that we are farming–and our neighbor’s land.

Interested brewers should reach out to Doug at:  203.952.8542 /