Frequently Asked Questions

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  • The maximum standing capacity of The White Barn at South Farms is 289 people for the Hayloft and Parlor, 49 people for the Bull Room, and 150 people for the lower ceremony barn. Capacity will not exceed these limits. Reasonable capacity for weddings/events involving a seated dinner, dancing and cocktails is 175 guests maximum. Additional exterior tenting may be required by South Farms to accommodate certain event configurations.

  • For 2018, the venue fee ranges from $7500-$9500 for Saturdays in Peak season (May 1 through Nov 1), and goes down 20%-25% for off-season events. 2019 Rates will be going up but will include rain/insurance tenting. Friday and Sunday rates are discounted but the number of guests is capped at 125 guests. Saturday rentals take priority for tenting and other installs. After you visit the space but before you book, your South Farms liaison will create a custom proposal for you taking into consideration the day/date, number of guests, and property usage for your specific event. This proposal will include accurate pricing and instructions for submitting your deposit and further payments.

  • Full use of the venue including the parlor, hayloft, bull room, courtyards, ceremony barn, grounds, green room, and cook area. No competing events will occur during your event. Photography in the fields or hops yard is allowed with permission. Planning guidance and vendor referrals, as well as layout and schedule suggestions, a rehearsal and walk-through the week of your event is included. Parking, restrooms, heat/AC, use of coat closets, and an on-site emergency staff personnel for your event are included in the site fee.

  • Our in-house events team can help guide you with referrals and suggestions for planning your big day. However, we do allow outside event planners and encourage them for larger weddings and more complex events. Many of our clients opt to work with a full-service wedding planner. We are happy to make suggestions if this is something you are interested in. We do require that each wedding has a dedicated event coordinator for the day of the wedding. If you do not have someone lined up, we can provide someone from our events team at an additional fee.

  • Yes, we allow our clients to bring in vendors of their choice with certain restrictions. We must approve all caterers and reserve the right to decline a caterer or charge a fee for first-time caterers who are not on our preferred list. Tenting, staging and lighting companies must also be approved, and should come from our preferred list. Please refer to our Farm Partners list for our Approved Vendors. We highly recommend working with our Farm Partners because we have spent considerable time vetting them and trust they will provide you with a top-level experience.

  • South Farms does NOT provide in-house catering but will provide you with a list of our preferred caterers and/or make a custom referral specifically for your event/budget. We suggest budgeting in the range of $150 per person on average for catering/staffing of your event. South Farms will handle the liquor in-house in 2018, and you should anticipate a cost of $30-50 per person for full bar set-up/service. Beer/wine only packages start at around $20 per person.

  • Beginning in 2018, clients will not be authorized to bring in their own alcohol. South Farms has a liquor permit and will offer Beverage Service or match you with a preferred beverage provider. Our beverage program includes the use of our bars and bartenders. It ranges in price and is customizable to meet your needs. Your South Farms liaison will be happy to discuss available beverage options with you when the time comes.

  • Typically, rentals are booked in 12-hour periods because we understand you/your planner/caterer need to get in to the space to set-up. If you need additional hours before/after the scheduled event, we will work to accommodate your needs but reserve the right to bill at $500/hour as necessary. Most events run for 5-6 hours from roughly 5 pm to 11pm (therefore the space rental would run from 11am-11pm for example). We do our best to be flexible to accommodate early set-up times and advanced drop-offs.

  • No. We have adequate lighting in our interior and exterior spaces with most lights on dimmers. If you wish to install additional decorative lighting like lanterns, chandeliers or additional bistro lighting for example, it must be installed by a preferred professional on our list. The cost of additional lighting is the responsibility of the renter.

  • It depends on the number of guests, and the weather! To accommodate weddings over 140 guests and standing events over 250 guests, additional tenting is required. For events planning on utilizing our exterior space(s), a rain plan is required and may involve insurance tenting (see the document “Understanding Insurance Tenting”). As a general rule, if expecting 140+ Guests, insurance tenting is required for rain/ inclement weather only if your wedding relies on an outdoor ceremony and/or cocktails. Our interior ceremony space can accommodate fewer than 150 guests in rain. Please discuss tenting with your South Farms liaison to make sure you have your bases covered. Keep in mind if you are having a fall wedding it may be chilly and heaters for the ceremony barn and/or tenting may be needed.

  • Yes! The main parlor space and hayloft where your dinner and dancing will most likely happen DOES have heat and AC. The back bull room and adjoining outdoor courtyards do not have heat/AC. The lower ceremony space does not have Heat/AC. Either of these spaces can be heated at an additional fee by renting tent heaters.

  • The White Barn at South Farms is handicapped accessible. The parking lot has marked parking spaces, entrances have handicapped access, and restrooms are handicapped accessible. The upper mezzanine level is not handicapped accessible, and we recommend a vehicle drop handicapped guests to the lower level for a ceremony bypassing the grassy hill and cobblestones.

  • Yes, you should instruct your caterer on proper cleanup procedures as per the Rental Agreement. Decorations, gifts, flowers, and other decor should be packed-up and organized the same night as your event and removed from the space at the end of the evening. If we do not have an event the following day, we may permit you to come back to the space to retrieve items but please have a plan in place, and speak with any rental companies/ florists about retrieving their items.

  • As per the Rental Agreement, hosts are required to provide a one-day host liability insurance policy at their own cost. Even though all your vendors will be insured, this is an added layer of protection for you as the host. It is easy to purchase this type of insurance and we recommend budgeting roughly $150.00. See the rental agreement for specific requirements.

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